hi! I'm Paulina

I see colors and textures like brushes looking upon an open canvas. I see my life as the opportunity to make something beautiful I love capturing moments in time and slowly watching them turn into nostalgia it feeds your soul.

I studied interactive design and digital animation and I have a special love to learn something new every day. Over years I’ve created content in over 13 countries and most notably in cities such as; San Francisco, Bogota, New York, and on the island of Oahu. I feel so thankful to travel and get experience. My quality is simply unforgettable.

Please take a look at some of my work.

Camera, production, and post-production by Paulina Pullara

Travel videos

Video production and post production by Paulina. Drone footage by Daniel.

Honolulu productions for local businesses

Interview format, testimonials and promotional video

Collaboration with companies in Latinoamerica

Interview format and testimonials. Production and post-production by Paulina Pullara

Animation and post-production for introduction videos​

Edition by Paulina Pullara

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