The best advice I ever received

I’ve thought of it and realized that it is was simply necessary. 10 years ago I never imagined in my wildest dreams, the story of my life today. Traveling to unknown lands and breathing new air, It gives me goosebumps with just the thought. At my 26 years old I discovered that all the drama of life is solved by traveling and if it’s not solved, you are sure to find an answer.

Not sure what’s the next step in your of life? Travel
Don’t know the next step in your relationship? Travel
Feel that something is missing? Travel
Desperate and don’t know what to do? Travel
Do you need to make a good decision? Travel

But really TRAVEL, don’t be a tourist anymore with a present body and an absent mind. Give yourself over to the place; try all the food you see, ask how to get to where you are going and talk to people, even a stranger could become your soul mate. Lose the notion of time and let yourself be guided by your intuition.That’s where small details are enjoyed! Like letting the sun burn our body or the cold making us shiver. Find the magic bursting into laughter in the midst of the rain while fate faces us with endless chances.You do not need a companion, or divine signs to start. Just listen to your instinct and take this post as the call you were waiting for.

Save to buy the best gift of your life. It is time to give yourself time and use it to grow in the best way; traveling. When we want to achieve something, we do the impossible to get it done; a job relationship, or even a special opportunity. I invite you to do the same to get to know other cultures.

Take actions. Do not wait until you get married, or your children grow up. Pretexts can be infinite, just like the possible stories we could live, you really decide what you want to tell. And if I could leave you some good advice it’d be:

-Travel, a little or alot but travel.

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