The hardest part of being a traveler

It’s been 6 years since my first trip alone and I realized that this was the way I wanted to live my life, getting to know other cultures. Since then it has become an objective of mine to move to wherever my heart takes me.

My experiences lived have marked my soul. My philosophy is to  live to at your apex like it is the only thing you have. Yet I have learned that we cannot just simply forget about the future. Just as I grow so do my people.

Today I started to miss my family and my past life. Even though I constantly visit them, it hurts me that I am the one that always misses the important moments in their lives.

I miss those long talks filled with laughter and friends that for many years, were my peers in day to day life, now countries separate us.

On the other hand, traveling has helped me inwardly grow.I know that we learn something new daily in the places wherever you are and if you don’t you should. Living in new places has helped me live life at a daily rate revealing things unknown to me.

At the very least you deserve to have a balanced life.  I have discovered a life more savvy through travel, not for the quantity of theoretical understanding but for the experience itself.

Freedom to choose what we have is an opportunity to set aside the fears and attempt the bravery of starting in a place unknown. As though to press a little reset button every once in awhile.

Clearly one cannot have everything, sometimes you have to choose. Moving to another place were the happiest and saddest  times of my life even though I haven’t been by them. Everyday I feel closer to them, Our moments together are special with love.

The time has arrived to do it again. Everything won’t be roses but a bouquet of many flowers. Follow me on my next adventure at @handitculture.

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