Go with the flow: deciding to go on your first solo-travel

Have you ever heard the phrase “Flojita y cooperando”? It basically means “go with the flow’. So one day I decided to apply the saying into a lifestyle. I’ve discovered that life is enjoyed most if you don’t think so much. I began my worry free philosophy and since then I’ve lived life to its fullest!

The less you plan the more you enjoy, these are the moments that complete life. Amid mixed feelings and utter chaos, I’ve always asked myself a simple question, “What would make me happy right now?” That was my answer to everything and I always went for it. Without planning, I would go on impromptu trips across the world with the sole purpose of picking another fruit. I was already on a plane to my destination with no idea where I’d spend the night but with the certainty of doing so. Along the way I met unforgettable people, smells never before smelled, tastes never before tasted, and textures never before felt.

Imagine life like a piece of fruit. every day a shell covering its pulp. Depending on the type, visually each is special, with a particular color, texture and unique shape.

It took me four months to decide to pick a different piece of fruit. But when I removed the superficial  peel and had my first bite a new experience began. I discovered unfamiliar tastes and texture, underneath that skin and tasted something I never tasted before.
Ten long hours of flying is enough to leave anyone jet lagged and homesick. However the  adventure taught me to be willing to try different things without fear of the unexpected. Above all I found a way to smile and love life, to travel and not worry so much.


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